Powersim Sun Simulation 1.0

This simulation performs analyses on solar panel installations considering consumption, location, types of equipment and return on investment. 

The need for electricity is often shifted in time compared to when solar energy is generated. Avoid buying electricity when it is most expensive by adding batteries to your installation.


Purchase information 

  • The product has a starting package price
    • Price is based on a yearly fee
    • Customer loyalty price for consecutive years
    • Powersim Sun is purchased as a per user license
    • Includes one license of Studio Executive* per user
  • Discounts are available for additional users in the same organization


More than just a calculator 

  • Find the expenses and power savings for your planned solar panel installation
  • Specify your location using a built-in map functionality
  • Provide information about solar panels, inverters and battery packs
  • Take energy consumption and solar variations throughout the day into account
  • Experiment with different configurations and pricing policies
  • This model gives a more reliable calculation of Return On Investment (ROI) compared to other applications

For a quick demonstration of the product, see the video!


Model specifications

  • Configure electricity spot prices for your region
  • Provide hardware specifications according to your market
  • Calculations are based on solar radiation and other climate data from Meteonorm™ 7.2
  • Powersim Sun works for locations on all continents of the world

Find more detailed descriptions on the online resources for the Powersim Sun Simulation.


*If you have existing licenses, Powersim Sun will run with Powersim Premium and Expert also.

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