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Powersim Software AS is a Norwegian company, based in Bergen. The company is an industry leader in BI - business intelligence and strategic simulation software.

The company has users within most sectors in both national and international businesses, in small companies as well as large enterprises.

Powersim Software is represented by resellers and business partners on every continent.

The business was founded on new thinking about how organizations should make strategic choices. Our goal is to help our customers and clients find practical solutions to problems while strengthening their capabilities to confront future challenges.

Creating high-quality simulation models that are useful to our clients is the first priority of all Powersim Software modelling consultants. Our powerful combination of software expertise and modelling expertise ensures you will get the most from your investment.

We evaluate your business, identify key issues driving your processes and create an appropriate simulation model to capture your company's specific business challenges. We are willing to commit the time and passion necessary for creating successful modelling projects-every time.

The software products from Powersim Software are continously developed to improve and support the needs reported in from users all over the world.

Management Team of Powersim Software AS

Tone Haveland - Managing Director

Bjørn Arild W. Baugstø – Director Research & Development

Toralf Alsaker - Commercial Director

Tone Haveland - Chairman of the Board

Management Team of Powersim Software AS
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