Forio is hosting webinar on publishing Powersim simulations online

Attend free Webinar on how to create interactive web simulation using Forio Epicenter.

Webinar on publishing Powersim simulations online

Forio is hosting a webinar on publishing Powersim simulations online.

This is a free webinar and you can sign-up here;


  • Wednesday April 10 
    • at 19h00 Central European time
    • or 13h00 USA Eastern time


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.  

About Forio Epicenter

Powersim is a powerful development environment for creating system dynamics simulations. Forio Epicenter provides templates that makes it easy to produce an online simulation with Powersim that works on both desktop computers and smartphones. You can use Epicenter to share simulation scenarios with colleagues online, create multiplayer games, and facilitate simulation usage for an entire class or workshop.

Agenda for workshop

  1. We will start with an introduction to Epicenter and sample Powersim models.
  2. we’ll teach you how to get your Powersim model on Epicenter so it can be shared.
  3. after we show you how to get your model online, 
  4. we'll focus on creating a user interface for your model.

Those who sign-up will receive access to a recording after the webinar is complete if the time of the webinar is inconvenient.




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