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pForecast - the ultimate tool for production prognosis


Benefits of pForecast

  • Streamline your forecasting
  • Extensive reporting facility
  • Full life-time simulation of oil & gas fields
  • Automatic import of historical data
  • Well-tested prognosis tool


Powersim Software now proudly offers the well-tested pForecast prognosis tool to the market.

Powersim Software has been granted the rights to the production forecasting tool pForecast. The tool has been developed in our simulation tool Powersim Studio over several years in close cooperation with Equinor

During this journey pForecast has been tested on the Gullfaks oil and gas field, which is one of the largest fields in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The reason for choosing Gullfaks was to ensure that the product can handle all challenges faced when doing production forecasts.

pForecast was rolled out in the organization, also to other oil and gas fields than Gullfaks, and today there are more than 100 satisfied pForecast users in Equinor.


Current clients


How to contact us 

  • Book a demo of pForecast: +47 55 60 65 00

More user statements

"pForecast has simplified and streamlined our forecasting as compared to the earlier manual methods we used for developing long-term forecasts.

pForecast handles everything from historical data through forecasts for existing wells and future drilling targets on the drilling schedule, to Production Efficiency and production capacity limitations, and provides us with statistically correct production forecasts based on Monte Carlo simulations."

Statement by pForecast user in Equinor



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