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Technical support

When troubleshooting Powersim Studio, please refer to the Help system of Studio and our FAQ before you enter a support request.

Powersim Software offers different levels of support:

Customers with Support and Support Agreement (SA)
  • Customers who have signed a SA with Powersim Software are entitled to free technical support by E-mail or telephone during ordinary office hours. Please refer to your SA document for further information
  • We do recommend that you send a written description of your problem and attach model files and screen shots.
Customers without Support and Support (SA)
  • For customers without SA, technical support is offered at Euro 100,- per hour.
  • Any support is invoiced with a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Send us your question/problem using the On-line Support request form.
  • You will receive an estimate before we handle your support.
Examples of topics included in technical support
  • Installation assistance.
  • How to import data from a spreadsheet.
  • How to put a Constructor diagram in a document.
  • How to use units of measurement.
  • How to convert values between various currencies.
  • How to create a simulation for redistribution.
  • How to avoid reporting errors.
Examples of topics not included in technical support
  • Questions about how to model a given business problem or structure.
  • Problems with a model that you are creating.
  • Techniques for modeling, troubleshooting, testing, and conceptualization.
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