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Below you will see the comprised list of suggested Web Sessions for Powersim Studio. We now ask for your assistance to decide which Webinar should be the first that we conduct. Please follow the Vote button to enter the Poll.

This Poll will be run until 27th of March, when we will summarize and conclude from you inputs. The first Webinar will then be published and you may sign up to join during April. 

List of Webinars suggested

Presented in random order.

1. Syntax control with model building

Learn how Studio assists you while building your expressions and model structures; Dimensions consistencies, Missing parentheses, Stocks & Flows. Smart ways to create Links using keyboard shortcuts. How to organize your model using Snapshots and Slices in Diagrams. 

2. Running a Monte Carlo analysis

Learn how you set up and run a sucessful Monte Carlo simulation by adding uncertainty and view the effects on your existing model with no uncertainty. Studio supports the Latin Hypercube and Monte Carlo methods.

3. Connect a model with Excel

How to connect your models to MS Excel for Windows, the typical pitfals and how to resolve them.

4. Working with Units in Studio

How to work with units and utilize the automatic unit control built in system. Usual ways to connect model parts of different unit types. How to resolve the famous unitless and conversion (or no conversion) of older models?

5. Scenario and run control of your models

Learn about using Reference Runs and Scenario Comparison, Multiple runs, Automatic pauses, Cue points (rewinding simulation to a stored cue point).

6. Optimizie simulation model

Learn how to optimize one or more decision variables in your model to reach an objective.

7. Connect to Access Database

How to make a dynamic range based on a table or a view in a database. Then how to use the dynamic range to read data from a field into a variable, and finally how to aggregate when reading from the database.

8. Utilize Arrays in your model

Learn how to use Dimensions to make arrays of your variables. Global Ranges simplify the use of Arrays, and enables the use of texts for each element. 

9. Advanced Arrays and Dynamic Ranges

Better understanding of Multiple dimensions. Explaining of benefits and limitations of Dynamic ranges. Why is it illegal to use Var[London] when London is an element in a dynamic range?

10. Series variables

Different usages of Series variables. How to make a model with feedback where you never need to press the Play button.

11. Sub models Utilizing sub models, and how to make inputs and outputs to enable connecting several variables in one operation, from one sub model to another.
12. Components How to use components to make general copies of a sub model.
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