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Superior functionality, ease-of-use, and affordability make Powersim Studio Academic an excellent choice for students and teachers at accredited educational institutions *.

Studio Academic has all the basic functionality to build System Dynamics models:

  • Stock-and-flow modeling
  • Rapid creation of user interfaces 
  • Automatic control of units
  • and more...

Studio Academic Tools

Studio 10 Single User EUR 186
Feature Pack Add-on - Single EUR 117
Studio 10 Bundle - 32 users EUR 1 225
Feature Pack Add-on - Bundle EUR 671
Studio 10 SDK EUR 1 190
Feature Pack Add-on - SDK EUR 653
Studio 10 Student PC-pack - 16 users   See price info.



Feature Pack Add-on is only valid for our Academic products. The Add-on includes all previously released Feature Packs, including the most current one, but does not entitle access to future Feature Packs.

With respect to functionality the Academic modeling tool is similar to Studio Expert.

Powersim Studio is an integrated environment for building and running business simulation models in the Microsoft® Windows Platform.

* Terms for Academic products

  1. Academic versions of Powersim Studio strictly prohibit commercial use and are solely for purposes of teaching and learning theoretical methodology within universities or accredited teaching organizations.
  2. The term ‘commercial use’ is understood as any purpose connected with, or engaged in, or sponsored by, or used in commerce or commercial enterprises.
  3. Non-profit and research organizations, foundations or institutes are prohibited from using academic versions.


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