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Powersim Software has end-user tools that let you run in-depth analyses based on simulations created in our modeling tool Powersim Studio Premium. The end-users will get access to all the information that the modeller team has chosen to share through Simulator Presentations.

Prices End-user Tools


Studio 10 Executive * EUR 914
Studio 10 Cockpit EUR Free

* Support Agreement (SA) of 21% is mandatory for the first 12 months for all Business products.


Studio End-user Tools

Studio Executive

Studio Executive is our flagship end-user product and is what is needed for running simulations with full analysis and data connectivity possibilities. The simulations can connect to corporate server databases as well as file databases. If the modelers have opened up for it, the end users have access to the Risk Analysis, Optimization and Risk Management tools. Exceutive supports high-speed simulations based on large models, connecting to large data volumes.

Studio Cockpit

Studio Cockpit is our free end-user product. If the Studio Premium modeler has allowed a project to be freely distributed using Studio Cockpit, this end-user edition can be used to share simulations with colleagues, partners and customers. The tool can be used in cases where there are moderate requirements to model size, data volumes, and simulation speed. The free software allows connections to Microsoft Excel and file-based databases such as Microsoft Access and SQLite.



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