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Available as a companion to the Premium edition, our free Cockpit product allows users in the home market as well as business to run simulations developed in Premium.

The Cockpit edition has basic simulation capabilities and is directed towards clients who:

  • Run simulations based on moderately-sized models
  • Have need for basic scenario analyses
  • Need to connect to Microsoft Excel
  • Need to connect to file-based databases
  • Have moderate demands for simulation speed


More information about Cockpit

For simulations of a project to be runnable in Studio Cockpit, the Studio Premium modeler must allow the project to be freely distributed using Studio Cockpit. When the free-distribution option is selected, Premium switches to a mode where it is easy to verify that the project will run smoothly in Cockpit. If this is not the case, the end-user tool Studio Executive should be used instead.

Only models made in Studio Premium can be opened by Cockpit. If you want to evaluate Cockpit, it is equivalent to using Presentations within Studio Demo.

Powersim Studio is an integrated environment for building and running business simulation models on the Microsoft® Windows Platform.


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